In June, the month of the Popular Saints, Lisbon is on holiday. And as tradition dictates, there are plenty of grilled sardines. To celebrate, the streets are filled with banners, of course with sardines! Unlike Barcelona’s banners, ​​in Lisbon they are made from polyester fabric, which is very resistant and light.

We recycled this material to make bags, but we had some small pieces left over. It was a left over that was kept in our workshop for a long time, until it was reborn in the hands of Sara and the Estel Tapia Foundation.

Sara from a very young age began to sew with her mother, who transmitted all her knowledge. Later, she worked for eight years in the dry cleaning sector, to return, to what she likes most, sewing and embroidery.

For two years she has been working at the Estel Tapia Special Work Center, in El Raval neighborhood (Barcelona), which employs people with disabilities and offers her services to companies with social responsibility, such as Demano, committed in the development of our community.


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