Design Spotlight: Petz Scholtus

Petz Scholtus

is an eco-designer and co-founder of yök.

The hometown of Petz is Redange in Luxembourg. After London, Tanzania and the Netherlands now she lives in Barcelona since 2004. Her favourite place in Barcelona is Palo Alto in Poblenou. She is passionated about Good design, local food, sketching, urban life and nature, open air parties and Barcelona of course! Petz speaks 6 languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, Luxembourgish, German and French.

15 questions for Petz

How you got the idea to open a ecological accommodation?:
Like most interesting ideas, this one was born out of a crisis. I had a personal dilemma around 2010 when I realised that I didn’t want to design more products and furniture, because, to put it straight, I think there are enough products out there and we don’t need to produce so many more. So I wanted to do something service related. The idea for a kind of hotel was born out of a previous project, the R3project, my own flat which I renovated in 2006, applying eco-design criteria. I simply wanted to create another attractive, eco-apartment where people could live in it and not just come and visit for a few hours. While researching this and writing the business plan, I met Mari.

I don’t like:
Injustice and moaning

I’m proud of:
Most of my friends

I wish:
Everyone would meditate for 20 minutes every day.

I’m reading:
“The Hidden Pleasures of Life” by Theodore Zeldin (Mari gave it to me!)

My favourite music:
Lately I am becoming less of a music snob… so anything from electronic music to classical. It messes up my Spotify but it’s way more fun!

My favourite movie:
I am more of a podcast person, sorry!

My www advice:
Don’t waste time on it – use it wisely!

A good designwork:
The porrón (even if it looks like a bedpan according to George Orwell)

My favourite destination in Barcelona:
My home, and if that doesn’t count, the beach! When it’s not too crowded.

Something for the desert island:
my kindle!

My motto:
Freedom through commitment (from the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck)

Which cultural events do you offer? 
It depends on the people we meet and the collaborations that happen, but anything from natural wine tasting sessions to Catalan breakfasts to upcycled design workshops to visits and talks about sustainable design.

What is the difference between yök Casa + Cultura and other apartments in Barcelona?
A part from the fact that our apartments are eco-friendlier than most, offer hotel-style quality and services, and truly represent the local culture, it is the fact that we personally meet all our guests and offer them the opportunity to have proper conversations with us. We like to offer a more personal and authentic experience that is at the same time professional.

Which recycling/upcycling products are in the yök apartements? 
Apart from your upcycled placemats, there are quite a few more: the kitchens cupboards are made from used pallets, the countertops are ECO by Cosentino, we have locally made lamps made from wine bottles by Lucirmás and upcycled plastic by Fos Project. Most our furniture is second hand, as well as the mirrors and bathroom sinks, and our office toilet recyles the grey water from the sink to flush.

Thank you for the interview!

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