Upcycled Kite Bags—How de do it?

Making a Demano product is an exciting and thorough process. It involves collecting the material, taking it to our workshop and cleaning it. So, we get our raw material ready, stripping it of its previous life in order to help it reincarnate into a new element. Its body will be the result of design, cutting and sewing, with the collaboration of small workshops in Barcelona, some of which employ workers with disabilities that carefully handcraft each one of our products. Its soul will remain forever Barcelona, and future experiences will be given by its new owners and their travels.

WASHING: Each piece is then washed. With care and dedication we remove all the salt that the sail brings, but some stains remain and are witnesses of its previous life.

SEWING: At this stage everything is ready to join. Fabric and hardware are sewn by hand to create a new bag. All products and small accessories are handcrafted in our Barcelona workshop.

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