Get ready for spring

Get ready to breathe life into your garden this spring with our plant pots made from recycled advertising banners! Each of these colorful and durable plant pots not only adds a unique touch to your green space but also helps reduce environmental impact by reusing materials. Add a touch of freshness and sustainability to your garden with our eco-friendly plant pots.

Imagine giving a second life to those large banners that often adorn the buildings of Barcelona. The result? Colorful and original plant pots that add a touch of freshness and authenticity to any space.

Placing these plant pots throughout the house is a lovely way to integrate nature into our daily lives. From the balcony to the living room, each plant brings life and color to our space. Plus, we’re supporting the work of local artisans.

The best part is that these plant pots are breathable, creating a healthy environment for our plants. Just add soil directly to them. So, besides being an eco-friendly option, they also offer optimal care for the growth and development of our plants.

Our plant pots are much more than simple plant containers, so why not add a sustainable touch to your home this spring with these unique pieces full of history?

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