Dave Hakkens—Precious Plastic

Dave Hakkens
is a Dutch designer who developed machines that turn plastic waste into new objects. His goal is to reduce the global waste of plastics and to convert it into useful things. The machines are developed using basic tools and materials. On his homepage Dave Hakkens shares all the blueprints freely accessible for everyone. So you can make a number of different products with your own machine: Lamps, jars, bowls, vases, baskets, and the list goes on. Your creativity is the limit!


“The primary goal is to recycle as much plastic as we possibly can. This would clean up our shared environment, improve living conditions and possibly create financial value! An important aspect of the project is to create a world wide community of like-minded plastic savers. People working for a cleaner future, sharing knowledge, helping each other, and collaborating.”

With his current concept #Phonebloks he would like to fight the enormous global electrics of masses by presenting a smartphone consisting of different interchangeable single components. Repairs are thus simplified and the sustainability of the device is increased.


Rethinking Plastic: Trash or Treasure?
In collaboration with Room on the Roof at de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, today takes place a speaker series called MINDS for creatives and industry leaders to share ideas and solutions on the issues facing the international design world. Dave Hakkens sets the tone for the evening with his Precious Plastic window installation, which transforms plastic trash into treasure.
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